Workplace Trends To Encourage In 2019

On Track is a recruitment company specialising in finding jobs in the local Hampshire and Surrey area. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to finding roles for candidates looking for jobs in Alton. We’re always keeping an eye out for the latest trends in the recruitment industry, which is why we’ve compiled a list of workplace trends to embrace in 2019.


Flexibility is essential


Businesses’ today appear to be receiving demand from their employees to work more flexibly. This means workers want to be able to work in different locations, at different times. 84% of workers recognise that it helps them to create a much better work/life balance and leaves them much happier and satisfied in their role. Is there much harm in letting your employees work from home once a week, every now and then?


Mental wellness


Attention to mental health is becoming the norm (as it should!). Many companies are more than willing to invest in therapy and relaxation services – even meditation breaks are becoming increasingly common. There’s even been a shout for an introduction of “mental health days” to recharge and deal with any personal issues that are impacting their work – although this isn’t quite as widespread yet. Still, it’s definitely one to consider.


Office design & decor


Out goes the isolating cubicles, and in come open & communal hubs where staff can actually see and talk to each other. There’s also been an emphasis on comfy lounges and places to relax to encourage creativity and communication. The aim is to make the office feel more like a home and somewhere that staff will actually want to spend time. Take Google’s office for example, full of colour and games room – it’s even got a rock climbing wall!


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