Why Entry Level Jobs Are Important

As a trusted recruitment agency in Hampshire & Surrey, we often meet candidates looking to start a career in an industry that they might not have a lot of previous experience in. Employers often know that candidates are unlikely to know the ins and outs of their industry, which is why they look for someone with the right attitude. Here’s why it is important to consider entry-level jobs. 


Career Research


Perhaps you have been working in retail for the past few years and now you want a career in sales? 


Once you have researched all the possibilities, the journey starts with trying to come by a job in your chosen industry with no experience. But it is important that you persist with your applications and apply to job opportunities that are tailored to your strengths and skill sets.


First Steps in your Career


Whether you are fresh out of university or you are looking for a complete career overhaul, an entry level position is the ideal path to starting a career you can flourish in. 


Think about it this way. If you are coming straight from education, employers probably will not expect you to have hands-on industry experience.


And if you are applying after previously working in a different industry, then you are more than likely to have learnt quite a few transferable skills to help you in your new role. You can refer to situations in your previous jobs to demonstrate your organisation, reliability, trustworthiness and other desirable attributes that would be welcomed in any role. 


Gain Experience


Entry-level jobs are a brilliant way for you to gain experience in a new industry, learn the structure and day-to-day workings of the sector. Even the most successful people in the world have all had to start somewhere, and entry-level positions can often be a stepping stone to a vibrant and rewarding career. 


There also may be more opportunity for progression within the company once you gain experience. There could always be the opportunity to progress through internal promotion, climbing the ladder to a prosperous career. 


As a leading recruitment agency in Hampshire & Surrey, we often advertise entry-level jobs in the local area. If you are interested in starting afresh in a new industry, then visit our Jobs page to browse our entry level positions. Get in touch with our friendly team or call us on 01252 727887 and let us help you find your ideal position.