Which Skills do Employers Really Desire? 4 Must-Have Skills

4 Skills that Employers Really Desire


There is a lot more to seeking jobs in Farnborough than just finding the ideal career in the ideal location. The chosen candidate not only possesses the correct skillset and industrial knowledge for the role, but their character and personality also matches that of the business.


As an expert recruitment agency in Farnham, we recognise some of the additional qualities that are needed for a candidate to succeed during the job hunting process. We have accumulated 4 of the many skills needed to really impress your potential new employer.


Independence & Co-operation


Despite being polar-opposites, both independence & co-operation work hand-in-hand when it comes to employee desirability. Having the ability to be independent demonstrates that you understand your tasks and are able to effectively start work on them without the need of external motivation.


On the other hand, the ability to co-operate within a team means that you are able to not only present ideas to the table, but also listen to other team members and incorporate the best options.


The adaptability between being independent and co-operative is a skill that is often overlooked within employees. However, it is one of the most important skills to possess as a candidate in a new job.




Punctuality is one of the few skills that employers can identify within candidates. This is observed from the initial job interview and says a lot about the character of the candidate.


Being on-time is a trait that is expected with employees. Whether this is for meeting deadlines, appearing on conference calls or meetings with your team, being punctual allows the business to run more efficiently. A more efficient business is a more profitable business.


As a part of a larger organisation, your punctuality will need to be something that is immaculate. If this is an area that you know is a weakness of yours, we strongly suggest that you work on improving this.





Communication is an essential skill to possess if you are looking to impress your new employer. This is not only for communication between your team, your boss or business seniors, but also communicating to the client.


Different clients may require different explanations. Recognising if you need to use technical jargon or Layman’s terms, if they are more visual or analytical. All of these recognitions contribute towards you becoming a more effective communicator.


The self-awareness of this is also another desirable skill to have. Furthermore, being a transparent communicator with your senior also allows them to have a clear picture of how the business is running and if they are needed to intervene or provide guidance.





Organisation is one of the most important skills to possess as it signifies that you are on top of your workload and are able to efficiently manage your tasks at hand. Having an efficient employee not only provides the employer with peace of mind, but this is also an excellent leadership quality to possess in the long term.


Additionally, with organisation, comes the ability to prioritise more valuable clients / tasks / work. This in turn can add more business and contribute more profit to the revenue of the business. There are very few things that an employer enjoys more than growing their business.


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