What Workplace Perks Do Candidates Actually Want?

As a company specialising in employment in Surrey, the On Track team have a lot of experience when it comes to working with candidates, meaning we know a lot about the kind of things they’re looking for (which we can then in turn pass on to our clients, ensuring the right matches). However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t ever be surprised, and we have to admit we weren’t expecting to find out from a study from CV-Library that only one third of employers offer perks.


You may wonder why this is an issue, and may feel that the most important aspects of a job position are the job description, location, and salary, and whilst this is generally the case, more and more candidates are factoring perks into their negotiations with employers, with 84.9% of UK professionals holding them in high regard.

So, with almost 90% of candidates looking for employers with attractive perks, exactly what benefits are they looking for? The most popular amongst candidates (at 55.8%) is actually the ability to work flexibly, yet only 40% of employers are offering this option.

Conversely, whilst 57.6% of UK employees receive staff discounts, only 38.7% actually value this perk, though it’s worth noting that staff discounts did still rank second in popularity after flexible working.

So, what other perks do UK candidates want from their employers? After flexible working hours and staff discounts, the top were:

  • Free food – 25%
  • Birthdays off – 22%
  • Unlimited holiday – 18.1%
  • Company car – 16.3%
  • Mental health days – 14.4%
  • Social events – 13.3%
  • Smartphones or tablets – 13%
  • Free exercise classes 11.8%

Does your company offer any of these? If not, you may wish to consider looking at aligning your available perks with public interest.


As a leading recruitment agency, the team at On Track keep a close eye on employment in Surrey so we may assist both candidates and clients to the best of our abilities, and ultimately match the right candidate to the right job role. Want to advertise an open position with us? Contact our team today to discuss your options with us.