What Are The Most Searched For Jobs in The UK?

As a trusted recruitment agency in Hampshire & Surrey, we can predict which will be the most popular jobs amongst our candidates. But do they match up with the most searched for jobs in the rest of the UK? According to research, these are the most 10 most Googled jobs in the UK over the past 12 months. 



  • Teaching Assistant – 288,400


The search data shows that the nation is keen to teach, with over 288,000 people typing that search term into Google over the past year. Teaching assistant was the winning job search across England, Scotland and Wales, but was beaten by a margin by candidates searching for nursing jobs in Northern Ireland. 



  • Estate Agent – 105,700


The second most Googled job in the United Kingdom was an estate agent, which racked up 105,700 searches over the past year. The tempting commission that comes with an estate agent role could be one of many factors why there has been over 100,000 jobs searches in the past 12 months. 



  • Project Manager – 99,300


In bronze position is the project management role, which garnered just under 100,000 searches in the UK. Total jobs reported that there was a 2% increase in the average salary for a project management role last year, which could explain why it is the third most popular search in the UK. 



  • Prison Officer – 98,400


In a surprisingly close call between third and fourth place, the prison officer job role comes in at number four. After earning 98,400 searches, it was only beaten by the project management role by 900 searches. 



  • Accountant  – 88,800


The accountant role marks the halfway point in our list, coming in fifth place with 88,800 searches last year. The role of an accountant does not appear to be popular in Britain as the rest of the world, where it ranks as the 2nd most popular job search overall – but research shows we still have a fair few Brits who are still eager to work with numbers. 



  • Social Worker – 85,500


Social worker job searches in the UK almost par up with the rest of the world – coming in 6th position in the United Kingdom, and 7th overall in the worldwide searches. The research suggests that there are people all over the world looking for jobs to help others. 



  • Counsellor – 82,500


It seems there is a trend in the people of Britain wanting to work in roles where they help other people, as 82,500 candidates searched for a position as a counsellor last year. 



  • Photographer – 81,000


With Instagram more popular than ever, the demand for photography jobs has skyrocketed. With more than 81,000 people searching for a role as a professional photographer, the data suggests that the UK is keen to snap some stunning shots. 



  • Graphic Designer – 74,700


Another creative role follows photography, as graphic design takes 9th position with 74,700 job searches. It seems the idea of working as a graphic design is popular around the whole world, as it comes in 6th position in the worldwide job search.



  •  Nursing – 68,900


It seems there is an active trend in the people of Britain wanting to help others, as 68,900 candidates searched for a position in nursing last year. 


Alongside the roles of teaching assistant, social worker and counselling, over half a million job searches were people looking for jobs where they would be helping and working with other people. 


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