How To Deal With an Unsuccessful Job Interview

The team at On Track recruitment have helped many candidates find full time jobs in Surrey that suit them. Of course, this rarely happens instantaneously, and you may have to attend a few interviews before you find the right role for you. We understand, though, that knowledge of this doesn’t make rejection any easier – so just what should you do when faced with an email or phone call telling you that you’ve not got the job? Follow these simple steps to deal with it like a pro.


Review Your Performance

Think back to what you said and how you behaved during your interview – is there anything that jumps out at you as an absolute no-no? Perhaps you did something you knew you shouldn’t have (such as interrupting the interviewer, speaking poorly of your past employer, etc.) accidentally because of nerves.

If possible, ask the interviewer if they have any feedback to give about how you can improve your interview technique, or perhaps where you went wrong. The most opportune time to do this is when they contact you to let you know that you’ve been unsuccessful; yes, your mind may be preoccupied at the time, but this will be to your benefit in the long run.

Think of it as a learning experience, so you can later use this information to revisit your interview technique and work on improving it for the next interviews you have for full time jobs in Surrey.


Move Forward

Not landing a job after the interview doesn’t mean that the position is a bad fit for you – have confidence and continue to apply for the roles that you want and feel fit you, whether that be based on personality, skills, experience, or qualifications. It’s also okay to change your mind, too. If this is just another rejection after a long string of unsuccessful interviews, and you’ve decided that perhaps this isn’t the right direction for you, then embrace that, and work towards what you do want instead. Just don’t dwell on the past.


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