The Benefits of Hiring Short-Term or Temporary Staff

With the festive season fast approaching, you’ve probably considered getting some additional staff on board to help see you through this hectic time. But a temp isn’t just for Christmas.

Over time, the needs of your business will change. So, whether you’re stocking up on staff for the holiday rush or bringing on extra talent for a specialist project, short-term hires can prove a fantastic way to manage workloads and improve productivity.

Here are six reasons why temporary hiring could give your business a boost…

1. Added flexibility

Project deadlines and additional workload can crop up when you least expect them. Sometimes it’ll be business as usual, and then you’ll suddenly find yourself overloaded with no warning — whereas other companies may be able to map out peaks and troughs.

Either way, temporary staff can give you the flexibility you need to ride out a busy period or unexpected fluctuations in workloads.

2. Fast-track hiring

Using temporary staff is a fast and efficient way of scaling up your workforce at short notice. For example, you might need to cover maternity or paternity leave, extended annual leave, absence due to illness or the sudden departure of a permanent employee.

Temporary cover means you won’t be caught short and tasks can still be completed until more fixed decisions have been made. Plus, temps can usually start working within a few days (or even the same day!) — avoiding long notice periods or interview processes.

3. Valuable skills

People tend to think of temp work as lower-level admin roles. But the reality is temporary workers can bring valuable skills, new perspectives and fresh talent to keep things moving. For example, interim managers are often sought to fill the gap in critical management situations.

What’s more, as temps are usually working on specific projects, they won’t be tied down by the everyday duties of permanent staff.

4. Keep costs down

A temp workforce allows you to add staff without increasing your permanent headcount and costs. Hourly rates can sometimes be implemented rather than a salary and the costs of benefits, company perks and training will be dramatically reduced — maybe even eliminated.

Plus, you can hire multiple temps to cover spikes in demand, with no long-term commitment when the workload decreases again.

5. Try before you buy

Finding the right people for your business is always a challenge. But temporary employees provide you with the chance to evaluate workers without committing to a permanent offer.

It can also take some of the pressure off when trying to fill an opening for a

permanent role. Having a short-term employee in place during your recruitment process ensures you take your time finding the right person for the job.

6. Permanent recruits

Of course, there’s nothing to say you can’t keep temps on after the initial contract ends. If they’ve added a considerable amount of value to your business, why not consider hiring them permanently? Even if they’re not suited to that particular role, they might be a perfect fit elsewhere in your company.

What’s more, 36% of managers started out as short-term staff — so your new temp could go on to become a pivotal member of your business!

As well as expertise and knowledge, a good recruitment agency will already have a pool of temporary staff for you to tap into. If you work exclusively with one agency, you may even be offered a discount on fees. On Track Recruitment makes hiring even faster and easier for you. Call us on 01252 727887 or drop us an email at to find out more.