Follow These Three Easy Tips for a Successful CV!

As a trusted recruitment agency in Farnham, On Track specialises in matching up candidates with job roles that best fit them and their skill sets. Of course, no matter how perfect the match, candidates still need to go through the application process, which usually includes writing a CV – something which many find daunting. But if you simply follow these three tips, you will see your CV’s success rate soar.


Get Your CV Checked By Someone You Trust

It goes without saying that you should always review your spelling and grammar in any important documents like CVs before you submit them, but it can be all too easy to skim over your own mistakes due to familiarity. A fresh set of eyes can make all the difference and can ensure that mistakes that you may have missed get picked up.

Also double check that any personal and contact information you’ve submitted is up to date and correct – it would be awful to find out that employers wanted you for a role but couldn’t get through to you.


Be Concise

When it comes to CVs, it can be tempting to try and include as much as possible to demonstrate how skilled and capable but you are. Unfortunately, this will often just make things seem cluttered, and may even hinder your chances. It’s a good idea to be as concise as possible and break up your sections where possible, as whoever reads your CV will be far more likely to skim paragraphs of text, but actually read bullet points, especially if you keep them short.


Tailor Your CV For Each Application

Even if all of your applications are for similar roles, each hiring manager will have a certain set of skills and traits that they’re searching for. Read through the job listing to find out what these are and then highlight them in your CV with examples. You may also want to remove superfluous information that is less relevant for certain applications to keep things shorter and neater (remember, as we said above, the best CVs are concise!)


If you’re looking for work in Hampshire or Surrey and need the assistance of an experienced recruitment agency in Farnham, then On Track Recruitment is here for you. Candidates are free to browse our job listings and submit their CVs for consideration, whilst clients can get in touch with us today for more information about what we can offer.