Spoilt for Choice: Finding Your Dream Job in a Sea of Opportunities

When it’s time to start looking for a new job, having too much choice is probably the least of your concerns. Still, zeroing in on the perfect role can seem overwhelming — especially in the current job market.

Vacancy levels in the UK have reached record-breaking highs, with the number of vacancies climbing to 1,298,400 between November 2021 and January 2022. Mass resignation and growth in economic inactivity among older people have depleted the pool of available candidates, and job-to-job moves also reached record levels at the end of 2021.

As a result, job seekers have far more choice than in previous years — especially compared to the height of the pandemic when vacancy levels dropped dramatically. So, as a candidate, what can you do to narrow down the selection and ensure your applications attract the attention of the right companies?

Identify your career goals

Now is an exciting time to be a candidate. If you’re ready to go after the job of your dreams or you’re considering a change of career path, the current job market presents the perfect opportunity to reach for the stars.

Before you start sending out dozens of applications, it’s worth taking the time to think about what you’re hoping to achieve and how much you’re willing to compromise. For example, are you only interested in hybrid working jobs, or would you be happy to be primarily office-based? The more specific you are about the type of role, company and benefits you’re targeting, the quicker you’ll be able to focus your attention on the best options and the higher your likelihood of success will become.

Refine your CV, cover letters and online presence

Once you’ve determined what career sectors or job roles you’d like to target, your first action should be to ensure your CV is updated. We may be in a candidate-driven market for the time being, but that doesn’t mean employers’ requirements are any less stringent.

Making a habit of regularly updating your credentials and experience on your CV will help you make sure your core skills and qualifications are clear to hiring managers. Cover letters, which allow candidates to detail their suitability for a specific role, should also be given the same kind of attention. Plus, in the modern world, recruiters are using social networking to target top talent. So, tailoring your profile on a site like LinkedIn to the profession or industry you’re interested in will help you capture the attention of employers.

Prioritise and organise your applications

It can be hard to remember deadlines, tasks and interview dates for multiple companies, so it’s a good idea to get organised. Keeping track of your active applications will help speed up the job search and make your job hunt far less stressful, especially as new roles get thrown up on job boards every day.

It’s helpful to keep a record of where, when and what you’ve applied for in a spreadsheet or file to ensure you don’t miss an important application deadline or meeting with your favourite employer. Doing so will also allow you to compare variables such as salaries and holiday allowances and rank and prioritise applications more efficiently.

Capitalise on the current recruitment landscape

Many businesses are pushing the growth button this year. So, many hiring managers are ready and willing to make attractive offers to secure the best person for the job and prevent losing top candidates to the competition.

As such, it’s crucial to research current market trends and industry standards to set ambitious yet realistic expectations for job offers. Staying well-informed about the recruitment landscape and wider industry can make you a more appealing candidate and prepare you to navigate tricky interview questions or salary and benefits negotiations, should you receive an offer.

Enlist the help of a recruitment agency

No matter how experienced you are in your field or how familiar you are with recruitment processes, adapting to the constantly changing job market can be stressful and exhausting. Fortunately, when the job hunt starts to overwhelm you, recruitment agencies are always available to help.

By enlisting the support of a recruitment specialist, you’ll gain the benefit of their industry experience and contact networks. Plus, recruiters will streamline your search and help refine your applications, put you forward for exclusive openings you may not have come across otherwise and act as a go-between throughout the process and during complicated offer negotiations.

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