7 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

All too often, we see people who have a fantastic CV but who have neglected to keep their LinkedIn profile updated.

In today’s social media age, the networking platform is one of the best tools to help put you on recruiters’ and potential employers’ radars. We’ve compiled a list of the key areas you need to focus on to make your profile stand out.


First and foremost, you’ll need a photo of yourself. People are 14 times more likely to connect with someone on LinkedIn if they can visually see the person.

But remember: first impressions count for a lot. So, make sure you use a recent, high-quality image that strikes the right balance between your professional persona and your personality. If you’re unsure, take a look at the profiles of other people in your industry.


Next, you’ll want to create a punchy, compelling headline. We’re talking about 10 words maximum!

Most people will put their job title and company here. But, if you’re looking for a job, this is an excellent place to succinctly showcase your value proposition or speciality to help set you apart from the competition.

Try to include as many keywords as possible without making it appear ‘spammy’ by including too many abbreviations or multiple certifications. Instead, prioritise the most important information and don’t forget to add your location as well.


Your summary is the space to inject a bit of personality into your profile — don’t waste it! Ideally, you want to have around three to five short paragraphs which focus on your passions, unique skills, noteworthy accolades, and what you enjoy doing outside of work.

Try to avoid meaningless jargon or overused buzzwords and ensure it is easy to read. Always be authentic and write in the first person too — it’s much more personal and sounds less pretentious than the third person.

Job experience

Much like a CV, your LinkedIn profile should show your past and current job history. But how can you make your experience stand out? Merely listing your responsibilities won’t cut it: you need to describe what you actually did.

Where possible, include specific numbers and examples to prove success. You can even add multimedia for each of your experiences to show your work.

Make sure your current experience section is filled in too. Many recruiters search for candidates by their current title, so you don’t want to get missed off the shortlist. If you’re currently unemployed, you can create a dummy listing which includes the job title you’re targeting and a phrase like ‘seeking new opportunity’ in the company name box.


Keywords could mean the difference between being found in search results or not. The skills section is a great place to start. Even if a particular word doesn’t appear anywhere else on your profile, including it as a skill will make you come up in searches for that word or phrase.

You can add up to 50 skills, and it takes just one or two minutes to do. Yet it will have a massive impact on how many searches you appear in. So, take advantage!


LinkedIn is a great way to show a bit of personality and some of your other successes. Do you volunteer for a charity at the weekends? Are you part of any organisations? Do you speak another language?

Adding these additional profile features is an excellent way to demonstrate your unique achievements and will help recruiters and potential employers get to know more about you as a person.


It’s all well and good saying how great you are — but it means a whole lot more if it’s backed up by someone else. The best way to make you stand out and build credibility is to get some recommendations (at least two or three ideally) on your profile.

So, how do you get them? By asking, of course! LinkedIn makes it easy through the ‘Ask for a recommendation’ feature.

Don’t just randomly ask all your contacts if they can recommend you though: you need to be selective and ask people you have worked closely with. People are also more likely to return the favour if you’ve given them a great recommendation.

What are you waiting for? Get updating now: the more you put in, the more you’ll get out!

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