Why You Should Research Your Potential Employer Before Interviews

As one of the most recommended recruitment agencies in Surrey, On Track Recruitment is passionate about helping our candidates find the perfect role for them, and supporting them throughout the interview process. Of course, we can only offer advice and guidance – the rest is up to you, including the level of research that you do beforehand. So, why should you research potential employers before interviews? Good question!


  • Learning more about the company should help you remember why you’re interested (or even excited and enthusiastic) about this position, and strengthen your resolve, which is a great boost to have before an interview.
  • Investigation can sometimes reveal possible doubts and obstacles, which you can then raise at the interview in order to have them addressed properly.
  • Researching the location will confirm if you can actually make it to work there every day, as well as prevent you from getting lost and in a flap on the day of your interview.
  • Candidates who have clearly researched the company are always looked upon more favourably than those who haven’t – if you show off your knowledge during your interview, it can give a great impression and give you some bonus points.
  • You can compare any extra information you can find out about working there, and see if it fits with what you see during the interview.
  • Thorough preparation will help you to be as confident as possible during the interview, which should hopefully help you feel more calm and in control – or at least less nervous!


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