Recruitment Statistics Employers Need to Know

As one of the forefront employment agencies in Surrey, On Track Recruitment like to keep ahead of the curve by monitoring relevant statistics and figures for the industry. There’s a lot of valuable information to be found that can only help employers retain current employees and find better candidates, such as the following:


  • 70% will only apply for a role after researching a company online first, and 56% say they would avoid applying for positions at companies with no online presence.


  • 84% of candidates believe that the reputation of an employer is important; only 50% would work for a company with a bad reputation, even if offered a pay rise.


  • 55% of job hunters will abandon their applications after finding negative reviews online. Currently, only 45% of employers are active in monitoring and responding to such reviews that could potentially drive away much needed talent.


  • 73% of candidates are “passive job seekers” –  i.e. they aren’t actively searching for work, but can still be enticed by the right role and offer.


  • 89% of candidates list their mobile device as an important job hunting tool, with 45% using it daily to seek out roles. 16% of applications are thought to be submitted via mobile device.


  • The average candidate loses interest in a role if the application takes more than a quarter of an hour, with 71% admitting defeat after a 15 minute application process, highlighting the need for applications to be quick and easy.


  • Up to 75% of those leaving their current positions could be prevented from doing so with the correct support and incentive.


  • Most people have around 10-15 career changes throughout their life, with the average length of each job lasting 4.2 years.


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