Interviews: Dressing To Impress

On Track Recruitment is a reliable recruitment company Surrey whose team is passionate about unearthing the best jobs in the area for our candidates. Of course, once you’ve applied for a role and received a positive response, the next step is the interview. But, oh, what to wear? We’re told that appearance matters and first impressions are made all too quickly by interviewers, so how best should you dress to impress?


Look professional

When deciding on an interview outfit, remember that professionalism always trumps fashionable clothing and vibrant colours (unless, perhaps, you’ve applied to a clothing store who specified the need for you to be fashionable in the job listing). If you’re not quite sure how formal you need to dress, then it’s best to opt for the safe and conservative side; being slightly overdressed is better than appearing unkempt or too casual.

Also ensure that your hair and nails are clean – your interviewer will most likely look at your hands when you go in for a handshake, and dirty nails do not leave a good impression!


Be comfortable

Comfort is key when it comes to dress. Your interview clothes obviously aren’t going to be as comfy as your pyjamas, but you need to be able to stand, walk, and sit properly in them. If they are uncomfortable to wear, restrict your movement, or make you fidget, they won’t be of any help and can leave a bad impression.


Less is more

It can be tempting to douse yourself in deodorant, aftershave, or perfume for an interview but having an overpowering scent following you around won’t do you any favours, and will most likely put your interviewer off. Keep makeup to a minimum, and ensure that any accessories are complimentary and not gaudy, whether they be belts, watches, jewellery, ties, or scarves.

If you’re in need of a recruitment company Surrey who cares, then look no further than On Track Recruitment. We want to find you a role that fits you perfectly and have a wide selection of vacancies for you to browse right here on our site. You can also upload your CV or contact our friendly team by calling 01252 727887 or emailing – we’d be happy to help with any questions.