Is There Ever a Good Reason to Decline a Job Offer?

As one of the most successful recruitment agencies in Surrey, On Track Recruitment know that if you’ve been searching for a job for quite some time, it can feel only natural to jump at the chance when an offer is presented to you… but a “beggars can’t be choosers” attitude can often cause more problems in the long run, for both the employee and employer, with a lot of wasted time on everyone’s hands.


Some may argue that when factoring in wages and experience, there’s never a good reason to turn down a job offer, but this simply isn’t true!

In fact, there are many reasonable grounds for declining offers received, including the following:

  • The proposed salary is not enough to support your current needs (and negotiation has proved fruitless)
  • There is little to no possibility for career progression
  • After the interview, you feel that you may not be a good fit for the company
  • The role offered to you is different from the one you applied for, either due to misinformation, or being offered as a “consolation prize” from the initial role being filled
  • You’ve received a better offer from another company
  • You haven’t been given concrete information that you need to help make your decision (for example, pay, start times, status of current employees, etc.)
  • The company has a suspiciously high turnover rate

Reputable recruitment agencies in Surrey like On Track know that the ultimate goal of job hunting isn’t just to find you a job, but to find one that matches you well, so that both you and your new employer are happy. With this in mind, don’t fret too much about having to turn down a role if it truly wasn’t the right fit for you. If you’d like to enlist the help of our supportive and dedicated recruiters then get in contact with us today – we would be thrilled to help you take the next steps in your career!