Networking: How to Find New Professional Contacts

As a leading recruitment company in Surrey, the team at On Track Recruitment thought it was about time that we spoke about something we know many young professionals dread: networking. We find that a lot of candidates haven’t got the first clue of how to go about networking, let alone where to go, and how to meet new business contacts – but it’s actually not as complicated as it seems. We would suggest trying the following to get started.


Corporate Events

Conferences are a fantastic way to meet a large number of professional contacts in your preferred industry and field, and you can be sure that networking will be welcomed, since others at these events will be looking to expand their professional circles too. Events like these have the added bonus of allowing you to learn at the same time, and bounce ideas off new contacts (or at least function as a conversation starter).



Never underestimate the value of friends of friends, or colleagues’ contacts. Some may be reluctant to foster contacts “close to home”, but you don’t need to be constantly breaking new ground in order to be networking efficiently. Have a browse through your LinkedIn connections and see if you can get the ball rolling if the above options aren’t feasible.


“Cold Calls”

When it comes to networking, “cold calls” will be less about actual calls, and more about emails (or perhaps private messages on LinkedIn) – you may even prefer to call them “Cold Reach Outs” to people you admire. Why not try commenting on their blog, Twitter account, etc. beforehand so that your message isn’t completely out of the blue and the recipient is more likely to be receptive – remember to highlight the benefit of them connecting with you, as well.


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