Networking: Even More Ways to Find New Professional Contacts

Here at On Track Recruitment, we’re always on the lookout for the best jobs in Farnham and the best candidates to fill the roles. Of course, once you’re on the career ladder, you’ll want to start thinking about networking, which can be pretty daunting no matter what rung you’re on. We’ve previously spoken about different ways you can go about meeting new contacts, but it’s such a popular topic that we thought we’d follow up with a part two, so here are even more ways for you to get networking.



Joining a local group based on your personal interests and hobbies (such as a sports team or book club) is not necessarily a direct method when it comes to meeting new contacts, but it can be worth your while, as you never know who you could meet. You’ll be introduced to new people outside of your usual circles whose interests align with yours, and you may find some valuable and unexpected information in the process.

You may want to be more selective with what kind of group you join and pick one based on what qualities you’re looking for – e.g. creative types may be found in art classes, motivated and driven people at dance groups, team players in sports clubs, etc. You can also try volunteering, or groups founded in politics, charity work, or religion if you’d like to make contacts more aligned with your own personal beliefs and ethics.


Private Events

Private events are another opportunity for you to widen your social circle and meet new business contacts. Finding a way to help someone else is a great way to start a business relationship. Who knows, you may find others like yourself looking for contacts of their own, and you may be just what they are looking for.


Organise Your Own Events

Depending on your chosen profession and where you live, opportunities to network may be very thin on the ground, but this doesn’t need to stop you. If there aren’t any networking events like the ones we’ve spoken about (including in our previous blog) why not go the extra mile and organise your own? That’ll show initiative on your part, and make you more desirable to connect with for potential contacts.


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