Looking Ahead: Top Recruitment Trends for 2020

The expectations of the recruitment experience have changed. Candidates now have far more power during the job search compared to only a few years ago.

As such, we are starting to see a major shift across the recruiting industry — one where candidates are being treated like customers, rather than applicants seeking employment.

In line with this shift, here are four recruitment trends to look out for in 2020…

1. Keeping flexibility in mind 

In a competitive hiring market, flexibility is an excellent perk. Barely any companies offer final salary pensions these days, which were once a fantastic incentive for employee loyalty. Instead, many of today’s job seekers are now prioritising roles that give them a better work-life balance.

Attractive perks such as flexible hours or the ability to work from home are a great way to appeal to candidates and help companies gain an advantage over businesses offering positions that don’t include this.

In fact, a 2019 survey carried out by the International Workplace Group found 80% of respondents said they’d choose the job offer that came with flexibility over the one that didn’t. So, if you want to stand out from other employers in 2020, flexibility will be key.

2. Company-wide collaborative recruiting

Collaborative hiring involves both the HR team and teams from other departments working together to find new talent.  For example, this could be done through an employee referral programme that provides incentives to employees who recruit people they know.

When competition for employees is so high, finding candidates through connections rather than job boards is a great tactic that can bring quality team members to your business.

Plus, quality hires mean turnover rates will drop — positively affecting your overall recruitment and hiring strategy.

3. Making full use of social media

So-called “social recruiting” is about much more than just posting job ads on your company’s social channels. Now, businesses are starting to use social networks to look for potential candidates proactively — and this trend will only continue throughout 2020.

Platforms such as LinkedIn act as a microsite or portfolio for candidates. Through these networks, you can then search for potential candidates, build a relationship with them and encourage them to apply for your vacant job positions.

Social will also be a great way to cast your net wider in the new year and target passive job seekers, who may be open to opportunities even if they are not actively looking for roles. For example, you could send potential candidates a message through LinkedIn saying that you think they would like working for your company to pique their interest and then get a conversation going from there.

4. The push for employer branding

In a candidate-driven world, companies need to work harder to shape their reputation and appeal to target recruits.  

To narrow down their search, job seekers will look up your company’s background, values and reviews from current or previous employees before applying. And if they don’t like what they see, you can bet they’ll continue looking — elsewhere.

As such, employer branding and an attractive value proposition will be a primary focus for businesses across every sector in 2020.

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