Preparing For Different Interview Styles

Job interviews can be daunting but here at On Track Recruitment, we work with you to channel those nerves into a positive interview experience. Interviews can range from face-to-face meetings to video calls to group sessions, therefore, you need to be ready for all eventualities.


In all types of interview, you need to anticipate what kind of questions you may be asked. A quick Google search will pull up a few questions to assist you in your preparation. Our full time jobs Farnham team strongly suggest that you make a few mental notes of previous interviews, the questions you were asked and how you responded. Another top tip from us is to make sure you research the company and have a clear understanding of the role, preparing any questions you may have for your potential employer.

Let’s break down the interview types, starting with the standard face-to-face meeting. Firstly, you need to dress to impress. You can go for a suit and tie combination, smart trousers/shirt/blouse, skirt or a dress. The safe bet is sticking to a black or navy colourway. Secondly, make sure you know where you’re going and plan your journey, leaving enough time for potential delays.

Another interview style is group sessions. This technique is a great way for employers to see how you act around others. It allows them to look at the way you listen, work in a team and your leadership potential. This interview is a time to be memorable, but for all the right reasons.

For an over the phone interview, you need to prepare yourself for questions they might ask, questions you may have and experience you think would be worth talking about. Many phone interviews lead to face-to-face ones, and you don’t want to be repeating yourself. Ensure you grab a notebook beforehand so you can jot down notes before and during the call.

Finally, our full time jobs Farnham company look into video calls. This is almost like a face-to-face meeting, but it eliminates the need to travel. You need to be dressed suitably, have your questions and notes prepared, and make sure your technology is working. To check this, have a quick run through with a friend or family member an hour or so before the meeting. The last thing you need is for your laptop to be playing up 10 minutes before your interview!


Now that you know how to prepare for each interview, why not apply for a job through On Track today? We will help you along the way, and are happy to answer any questions in the meantime. Call our part and full time jobs Farnham team on 01252 727887 or send us an email at