How To Perfect Your Email Etiquette

How To Perfect Your Email Etiquette


As a specialist recruitment agency in Surrey we have seen how email has transformed the way people communicate in the business world. It is a commonly preferred method of communication in the workplace, making good email etiquette a vital skill to acquire. By following these simple steps you can improve your email etiquette today.


Clear Message


An email must serve a purpose. You must ensure that you’re only sending emails that contain relevant information or questions for the recipient. By removing jargon and focusing on the facts it will ensure that your message is understood, making it more likely to get a positive response. It is also good practice to keep emails concise as large blocks of text will be off-putting for the recipient and it is unlikely that they will read the email in its entirety. 


Proper Spelling Punctuation and Grammar


People are very quick to notice mistakes in emails and it can hurt your reputation and credibility if you do so. By utilising spell checker software, either within your email provider or by using Microsoft Word you can eliminate this potential hiccup. 


Grabbing Subject Line


As a recruitment agency in Surrey we are aware of the large volume of emails people receive everyday. Therefore, browsing subject lines and deciding which emails to prioritise is common practise for many business professionals. By using an interesting and appealing subject line you can ensure that your email gets read without a long waiting time.


Fast Response Time 


Replying to emails in a timely fashion will impress the recipient and you will be perceived as dependable. It ensures that both parties are able to remember the topic of discussion, making it easier to maintain a dialogue. 


Know Your Audience


Being able to adjust your writing style depending on the recipient is an extremely valuable skill to possess. If you’re emailing a co-worker or friend you can afford to be more casual in your approach, however if you are initiating the first line of contact with someone it is important to present yourself in a professional manner. You must also consider the possibility of your email being forwarded to another recipient and avoid using email to discuss personal matters.  


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