How To Make Your Work Day More Productive

How To Make Your Work Day More Productive


Not getting enough done at work? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Recruitment and Training in Hampshire is an industry that revolves around productivity, and here at On Track Recruitment, we are no strangers to maximising our work days. Here are some helpful tips we would like to share with you.


Plan Your Day

Planning your day will enable you to streamline your tasks and remain focused. By outlining your daily goals as soon as you get to work you will produce a clear agenda to follow throughout the day, ensuring that must-do tasks do not get pushed to the back of the line. 


Prioritise the 20% 

A commonly accepted rule for recruitment and training in Hampshire is that 80% of your output comes as a result of 20% of your workload. Because of this, it is important to prioritise the tasks that will fall in that 20% bracket, to ensure that you are maximising your time and energy.


These tasks should be highlighted in your daily planner and performed at times when you are able to dedicate your full attention. 



No matter how good you are at juggling different tasks, multitasking does not increase productivity. You may feel as if you are getting things done by multitasking, however the reality is that the progress you make on each task is minimal.


By single-tasking you can give each task your full attention and complete it to the best of your ability. It is also good practice to put any distractions on hold until those specific tasks are finalised. 


There will always be tasks that you don’t want to do, however they must be done. By completing these tasks early, you will be able to put them behind you, rather than having them lingering on your to-do list all day.


It is better to get the unfavourable tasks completed early on in your day as doing them at the end of the day when you’re tired will be far more daunting. 


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