How To Handle Your First Day At Work

How To Handle Your First Day At Work


The first day at a new job can be a nerve racking experience for anyone. With every aspect of your day being something brand new, it is vital that you are able to maintain some control. By following these tips on how to handle your first day at work you will be able to walk into any job in Farnham and excel. 


Be Prepared


Preparations for your first day at work can be as important as the day itself, especially with jobs in Farnham being difficult to navigate.


By planning your commute and being aware of public transport times or parking arrangements you will ensure a smooth start to what can be a very daunting experience.


You should try and arrive around 15 minutes early to impress your employer and show your enthusiasm. 


Take Interest


Day one of any new job is about showing curiosity and a desire to learn, it is important to ask questions and listen carefully to the responses. You should be prepared to listen more than you speak and note down any information that may be useful in the future.


By absorbing information and eliminating the need for people to repeat themselves, you can highlight a level of competence that will impress your new peers. 


Positive Attitude


In the early days of any new jobs in Farnham you will be viewed from an external standpoint. Your colleagues will begin to develop their opinion on you almost immediately, making it vital that you display a positive attitude and strong work ethic.


This is especially relevant if you have not yet had the opportunity to showcase your professional skills.




When entering a new workplace you will see a lot of new faces. It is essential that you begin to put names to those faces in order to build relationships and get a feel for the dynamics of your new job.


By taking an interest in people’s job roles and building an understanding of how each individual will affect your daily processes, you will be able to make new connections and start piecing together the structure of the business. 


Accept Lunch Invitations


If you get invited to go for lunch on your first day…go! Lunch can be a great opportunity to interact with your colleagues in a less formal setting. You’ll learn more about the people you are eating with and begin to understand the culture and ‘unwritten rules’ of the workplace.


Pay attention to what is being said and take the opportunity to get to know your new co-workers beyond their job descriptions.


That being said, some jobs in Farnham may often get so busy that you sometimes need to eat lunch in-house, so bringing food is definitely a good idea!


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