How To Explain A Gap In Your CV

As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Hampshire, On Track recruitment are the perfect people to help you craft the perfect CV. If you’re searching for a role in the local area, whether it’s jobs in Bordon, Alton or Farnham, we can help. We’re often asked how to deal with a gap in your CV, and how to explain it. Maybe you took a year out to go travelling, or maybe you took some time off sick. Here’s how you can explain a gap in your CV.


Honesty is the best policy. This might seem quite obvious, but it’s so important. There’s no point trying to cover up and bluff your way through a glaringly obvious gap in your CV. In most cases, employers will understand – they are human after all. They understand that sometimes life just gets in the way, or we take a direction in our careers than we had originally planned.


You don’t always have to go into detail, but leaving it out completely will make the gaps stand out even more.


Also, don’t be tempted to extend the length of time that you were employed in your previous position. Your interviewer might call your previous employer to verify the time you worked there. Anyway, enough of the negatives – how can we actually explain this?


Why not try being proactive? During your time off, why not take a course or take up some voluntary work. This will show that you’re using your time off effectively and will make your CV stand out. There are always other ways of demonstrating skills, of course. You could use your spare time to write a blog or article. This is all great to add to your CV.


You could always try putting a positive spin on things. Change the way you phrase things from “I was unemployed” to “I took some time out to refocus my career and find my desired role”. Or, if taking a break be positive and truthful. Explain what you learned from your time out and how you’ve worked to make positive changes to your career to get to where you are now. Optimism never looks bad.


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