How Can I Get Back Into Work After Travelling?

Getting back into work after travelling can be daunting. We’re often contacted by people searching for jobs in Farnham and the surrounding areas who need some advice on how to get back on track with their career after some time off. You might be surprised to find out that many people we speak to are very pleased to be back after travelling and are eager to kick start their career again. Money can run low whilst travelling, and friends and family will be waiting, as will work. Read on to discover how you can ease yourself back into work after travelling.


Assess your situation


It’s worth thinking about your current situation before you return to work. Potential interviews are bound to have questions about the gap in your CV, what you did, and what made you want to come back. Now is the time to practice your answers. Employers aren’t trying to catch you out but if you don’t have answers to these questions, things can quickly look a bit doubtful.


Now is also the time to think about the career you would like to pursue. There is no point in applying for jobs in Farnham in panic. Think carefully about the hours, industry and location of your next role. This way you will know exactly what you want, and the next step is to plan how you are going to get there.


Freshen up your CV


If you were travelling for a significant amount of time, it can look a bit suspect if you have a gap in your CV without including any information about what you got up to. Even if you didn’t work whilst you were away, it’s still worth explaining the CV gap by stating that you took a career break or you were travelling.


You might have gained some extra skills whilst you were travelling, so you might want to add a ‘relevant experience’ section. But, make sure any skills you include are a characteristic that an employer might be looking for. If you are applying for an admin role, your employer might not want to know that you took a cocktail making course whilst you were backpacking around Australia!


The skills and experience you gained before your travelling break are especially important, so make sure these are still highlighted. It doesn’t matter if your achievements took place a year ago, you still accomplished them.



Write a cover letter


Now is the time to sell yourself. It’s important to mention from the beginning that you took a break. If you’re going back to the same industry, you can say that you want to return the career you’re passionate about. If it’s a new career path, highlight how keen you are for a new challenge.


Nail the interview


The biggest struggle you are  likely to face is convincing your employer that you’re committed to your job. They will want some reassurance that a fleeting thought of backpacking throughout Asia won’t make you pack up and quit.


Talk about any skills you learnt whilst you were away if you they are relevant, and talk about your previous experience. Don’t talk about your experience as though it was 10 years ago. You don’t want to highlight how long you’ve been away from the working world.


Make sure you research the company you are interviewing for. You need to prove you are as on the ball as someone who has been doing the job continuously. Brush up on the sector they are  in and have good browse through their website and online profiles.


If you’re looking for jobs in Farnham and the surrounding areas and you need some help, then the On Track team can help. We’re dedicated to helping you find the job of your dreams and kickstarting your career. Get in touch with our team today.