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Recruitment Statistics Employers Need to Know

An employer from one of the top employment agencies in Surrey and a candidate discussing a contract

As one of the forefront employment agencies in Surrey, On Track Recruitment like to keep ahead of the curve by monitoring relevant statistics and figures for the industry. There’s a lot of valuable information to be found that can only help employers retain current employees and find better candidates, such as the following:


  • 70% will only apply for a role after researching a company online first, and 56% say they would avoid applying for positions at companies with no online presence.


  • 84% of candidates believe that the reputation of an employer is important; only 50% would work for a company with a bad reputation, even if offered a pay rise.


  • 55% of job hunters will abandon their applications after finding negative reviews online. Currently, only 45% of employers are active in monitoring and responding to such reviews that could potentially drive away much needed talent.


  • 73% of candidates are “passive job seekers” –  i.e. they aren’t actively searching for work, but can still be enticed by the right role and offer.


  • 89% of candidates list their mobile device as an important job hunting tool, with 45% using it daily to seek out roles. 16% of applications are thought to be submitted via mobile device.


  • The average candidate loses interest in a role if the application takes more than a quarter of an hour, with 71% admitting defeat after a 15 minute application process, highlighting the need for applications to be quick and easy.


  • Up to 75% of those leaving their current positions could be prevented from doing so with the correct support and incentive.


  • Most people have around 10-15 career changes throughout their life, with the average length of each job lasting 4.2 years.


If you’re looking for qualified individuals to fill a role in your company then why not enlist the help of On Track, one of the most experienced employment agencies in Surrey? Our team works tirelessly to match up the perfect candidate with their ideal position, and want nothing more than the satisfaction of both our clients and candidates. Find out how to work with us by contacting us at 01252 727887 or

Three Ways to Keep On Top of Job Hunting This December

A woman on the phone looking at the laptop, searching for a job with a recruitment agency in Surrey.

We’ve spoken before about how recruitment actually picks up in December rather than slowing down for the holiday season, and as a trusted recruitment agency in Surrey, On Track know that our candidates can sometimes struggle to balance such a busy time of year with job related activities. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go all out, and that there are a few things you can do to keep on top of things this Christmas.


Keep Things Updated

Whether you need to change some information on your CV, or refresh your LinkedIn page, now is a great time to ensure that everything concerning your job hunt is up to date.


Curate Your Content

Christmas is one of those times of year when things get a little crazy, and people get a little silly. Make sure any embarrassing photos of you are untagged, deleted, or just simply aren’t available to potential employers.


Take a Break

Whilst it’s important to keep an eye out for new opportunities and to keep applying throughout December, it’s also vital to give yourself chance to rest and recuperate. Job hunting can be stressful at the best of times, and burnout is common at this time of year; you’ll want to start any new job feeling refreshed and optimistic, not tired and miserable because you spent all of your holiday searching for jobs.


On Track are a recruitment agency in Surrey with one of the most dedicated teams around – we want to help you find your dream job and won’t stop until we find your perfect match. Browse our vacancies today, or contact us with any further enquiries on 01252 727887 or

7 Key Points to Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

Two people shaking hands after agreeing a job offer, after using a recruitment agency in Surrey.

You don’t need to be an experienced recruitment agency in Surrey, like On Track, to know that it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking to hear back from an interviewer and find out that you’ve been offered the position you applied for.


A new job means new horizons, and big changes can bring both positives and negatives into your life, so it goes without saying that you need to think things through before you accept or perhaps decline the offer presented to you.


There are of course many factors that will affect whether a job is the one for you and your particular set of circumstances, but here are 7 key points to get you started as you ponder the possibilities.

Do you actually feel the role will be a ‘right’ for you in terms of job content , working atmosphere and team fit ?

Is there chance for training or career progression?

In terms of salary, bonus and overall benefits is this the right choice for you

Is the location and associated commute viable? If it’s in an urban area, is there parking? If the location is remote do you mind being ‘cut off’ from shops and towns until the end of the work day?

Are there any loose ends that need to be tied up – questions to be answered or concerns to be raised?

Do you have other interviews or offers waiting in the wings, and do they appeal to you more?


If you need help acquiring a few job offers before you can even think about accepting or rejecting them, then On Track are here to help – the most dedicated recruitment agency in Surrey, who’ll help get your career on track to where you want to be! Take the first step today by browsing our job listings, or read our blog for more job-hunting advice advice. You can also contact us if you need any more information – we’d love to hear from you.

Try Thinking Like a Christmas Present to Achieve Job Hunting Success

A photo of a Christmas present. Try thinking like one of these to find full time jobs in Surrey.

It’s that time of year again and the On Track team has just one thing on their minds…. full time jobs in Surrey! Well, that and presents. Presents are always a joy to both give and receive, to wrap and to unwrap, but did you know that they can also teach us some valuable tips about job hunting? You might be sceptical but why not try it? All you need to do is…


Be Appealing

All the best presents are those that are so beautifully wrapped and adorned with ribbons and tags that you end up being torn between wanting to rip right into them, and wanting to preserve how it looks forever. During the job hunting process, you want to be the same – your CV should make hiring managers want to dig deeper and invite you for an interview. And when you get that interview ensure that you make a good first impression by looking smart, professional and presentable.


Stand Out from the Crowd

Ever had difficulty deciding which present under the tree to unwrap first? Well how about the one that’s shaped a little differently than the others – the one that draws your eye to it because it’s so unique? It’s easy to get caught in a trap of using buzzwords when searching for full time jobs in Surrey and saying what you think employers want to hear, that you end up sounding like every other candidate. Remember – this is about you and why you’re the best fit for this role – don’t be afraid to stand out a little!


Be Fun to Unwrap

The best presents are the ones that are fun to unwrap – where the paper tears just so to reveal what lies beneath the sparkling paper, and isn’t all gummed up with sticky tape that needs scissors to get through. In the same way, you’ll want to reveal more about yourself once you reach the interview stage; your CV acts as a little summary to entice employers to talk to you more, and you mustn’t make it too difficult for them once they start to “unwrap” you. Be candid, and show off everything that makes you hireable that you couldn’t fit in your CV.


Another way to get ahead in the hunt for full time jobs in Surrey is to enlist the support of an experienced team like on Track recruitment. We’re passionate about helping people realise their full potential and moving into careers that suit them. Take the next step in your career today – why not browse our job listings online and upload your CV to our database, or talk to us directly by calling 01252 727887 or emailing

Looking for Extra Work This Christmas? Try These Industries

A photo of items for Christmas, which is a popular time of year for recruitment in Surrey

Christmas is always a busy time of year for recruitment in Surrey, with new openings being posted frequently. Of course, not only are employers looking for more hands on deck, but candidates like yourself are also looking for a little extra spending money for the festive season, whether it’s for more generous or indulgent things. So, just which sectors are likely to be hiring this time of year?



‘Tis the season for work parties and family do’s, meaning you’ll find plenty of openings for catering, waiting, and other roles in hospitality. Depending on your role, you may be able to make even more than you bargained for if you manage to perform particularly well when it comes to tips (and the festive season is also one of generosity, so you never know).


Customer Service

An increase in sales and business during the Christmas period means that employers are always looking for extra people to field calls, answer emails and deal with other customer queries and problems.


Warehouse / Stock

The run up to Christmas is one of the busiest time of year, with everyone rushing to buy gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. Naturally, this means that all this extra stock needs sorting, and busier than usual warehouses need all the extra pairs of hands they can get.



Retail generally has a lot of openings throughout the year for sales assistants, but the holiday season will see even more openings and more chances for overtime.



Another job that’ll get you out of the office! Increased sales and demand means that you could be delivering stock to local outlets, or delivering packages to customer homes.

As specialists in recruitment in Surrey, On Track are experts when it comes to matching up candidates to their ideal jobs, and seasonal vacancies are no exception! Remember to browse our job listings, or contact us for more information today!

Blink and You’ll Miss out : Candidates Snapped Up As Demand Increases

A photo of a handshake, after finding a job & recruitment in Farnham

The team at On Track are at the forefront of recruitment in Farnham, meaning that we see the successes and struggles of both employers and potential candidates, and often end up being able to spot certain patterns and trends in the local job market. So what’s the pattern of the moment? High demand for candidates and a faster moving recruitment process than ever.


There’s never been a busier time in recruitment than now, especially as we head towards the festive season and the sudden influx of temporary Christmas work. The job hunting timeline is becoming incredibly fast paced, meaning prompt interviews and speedy decisions are a must to avoid losing talent to other job offers.

The increase in job search sites (such as Indeed and Monster) are also allowing candidates to “shop around” more, exposing them to a greater number of employers and opportunities, all of which are fighting with you to attain the most desirable candidates.

Candidates themselves are also becoming more proactive, with many juggling multiple applications, interviews and offers at once, meaning employers have to move fast to secure desired additions to their teams. It’s now also more important than ever to remain attractive as an employer and competitive with your job offers – something that makes a candidates pause can be the first step in securing them as an employee instead of losing them to another company.


Want to snap up your own ideal candidate before they’re gone? Work with a team experienced in recruitment in Farnham such as On Track for a larger and more targeted group of local candidates who will fit your role perfectly. Call us today on 01252 727887 for more information or send an email to to arrange a meeting.

How to Stay Motivated in Your Job Hunt Whilst Unemployed

An idea lightbulb lighting up thanks to a recruitment agency in Farnham

As a trusted recruitment agency in Farnham, On Track know just how difficult it can be for candidates to keep their spirits up after becoming unemployed – this becomes even harder when searching for a new role is thrown into the mix. However, it’s not an impossible task, and can be accomplished, providing you have the right attitude.


Treat job hunting as a personal project instead of a chore. After all, the end result will see you in a role that offers you a perfect fit, meaning the payoff is much greater than if you’d just done some vacuuming or washing up instead. Set yourself goals and challenges to keep your morale up, and to prevent stagnation.

In a similar vein, treat yourself as a project. Use your new-found free time to upskill yourself; learn new skills relevant to your industry, or hone your existing ones – these can all be put to good use on your CV and in any interviews (especially if you’re asked about what you’ve been up to recently).

Stay in touch with your network, and make sure to visit industry spaces online, including Twitter and LinkedIn – it can be too easy to get out of the loop and miss vital information that could help you land a new role.

Maintain a routine. It may be tempting to use your unemployment as an excuse to relax a bit, but that will make things so much more difficult for you when you do get a job again. You don’t have to get up at 6 am every morning, but you don’t want to sleep in every day and build bad habits that will be hard to break later.

Enlisting the support of a recruitment agency in Farnham like On Track can help you to find an abundance of relevant roles that you might not have otherwise come across, rather than having to do the hard work of finding everything yourself and sending out countless applications that are shots in the dark. Searching for roles can be tough, but recruiters can really help to lighten the load and save you time.

On Track is a recruitment agency in Farnham with a highly passionate and dedicated team who work tirelessly to match up roles to the best candidates. If you need help with your job hunt and want to find roles more suited to you, why not join us? You can search our job listings, upload your CV, or contact us directly at or 01252 727887 for further assistance.


Networking: Even More Ways to Find New Professional Contacts

A networking event with people who have jobs in Farnham

Here at On Track Recruitment, we’re always on the lookout for the best jobs in Farnham and the best candidates to fill the roles. Of course, once you’re on the career ladder, you’ll want to start thinking about networking, which can be pretty daunting no matter what rung you’re on. We’ve previously spoken about different ways you can go about meeting new contacts, but it’s such a popular topic that we thought we’d follow up with a part two, so here are even more ways for you to get networking.



Joining a local group based on your personal interests and hobbies (such as a sports team or book club) is not necessarily a direct method when it comes to meeting new contacts, but it can be worth your while, as you never know who you could meet. You’ll be introduced to new people outside of your usual circles whose interests align with yours, and you may find some valuable and unexpected information in the process.

You may want to be more selective with what kind of group you join and pick one based on what qualities you’re looking for – e.g. creative types may be found in art classes, motivated and driven people at dance groups, team players in sports clubs, etc. You can also try volunteering, or groups founded in politics, charity work, or religion if you’d like to make contacts more aligned with your own personal beliefs and ethics.


Private Events

Private events are another opportunity for you to widen your social circle and meet new business contacts. Finding a way to help someone else is a great way to start a business relationship. Who knows, you may find others like yourself looking for contacts of their own, and you may be just what they are looking for.


Organise Your Own Events

Depending on your chosen profession and where you live, opportunities to network may be very thin on the ground, but this doesn’t need to stop you. If there aren’t any networking events like the ones we’ve spoken about (including in our previous blog) why not go the extra mile and organise your own? That’ll show initiative on your part, and make you more desirable to connect with for potential contacts.


The team at On Track recruitment hunt down quality jobs in Farnham so you don’t have to. See for yourself and take a quick browse through our current job listings – maybe you’ll find your perfect match. To contact us for more personalised advice, simply email or call us today 01252 727887 – we’re always delighted to help professionals find a new role!

Networking: How to Find New Professional Contacts

A group of networkers brought together by a recruitment company in Surrey

As a leading recruitment company in Surrey, the team at On Track Recruitment thought it was about time that we spoke about something we know many young professionals dread: networking. We find that a lot of candidates haven’t got the first clue of how to go about networking, let alone where to go, and how to meet new business contacts – but it’s actually not as complicated as it seems. We would suggest trying the following to get started.


Corporate Events

Conferences are a fantastic way to meet a large number of professional contacts in your preferred industry and field, and you can be sure that networking will be welcomed, since others at these events will be looking to expand their professional circles too. Events like these have the added bonus of allowing you to learn at the same time, and bounce ideas off new contacts (or at least function as a conversation starter).



Never underestimate the value of friends of friends, or colleagues’ contacts. Some may be reluctant to foster contacts “close to home”, but you don’t need to be constantly breaking new ground in order to be networking efficiently. Have a browse through your LinkedIn connections and see if you can get the ball rolling if the above options aren’t feasible.


“Cold Calls”

When it comes to networking, “cold calls” will be less about actual calls, and more about emails (or perhaps private messages on LinkedIn) – you may even prefer to call them “Cold Reach Outs” to people you admire. Why not try commenting on their blog, Twitter account, etc. beforehand so that your message isn’t completely out of the blue and the recipient is more likely to be receptive – remember to highlight the benefit of them connecting with you, as well.


If you’re in need of a professional recruitment company in Surrey to match you up with your perfect career, then On Track is here to help! With a specialist team of recruiters and a variety of roles available on our vacancies page, we have everything you need to get a head start on your job hunt. Upload your CV to our database today, or contact us for more assistance – we’d be delighted to help you.

Is There Ever a Good Reason to Decline a Job Offer?

A person from one of the recruitment agencies in Surrey offering a handshake

As one of the most successful recruitment agencies in Surrey, On Track Recruitment know that if you’ve been searching for a job for quite some time, it can feel only natural to jump at the chance when an offer is presented to you… but a “beggars can’t be choosers” attitude can often cause more problems in the long run, for both the employee and employer, with a lot of wasted time on everyone’s hands.


Some may argue that when factoring in wages and experience, there’s never a good reason to turn down a job offer, but this simply isn’t true!

In fact, there are many reasonable grounds for declining offers received, including the following:

  • The proposed salary is not enough to support your current needs (and negotiation has proved fruitless)
  • There is little to no possibility for career progression
  • After the interview, you feel that you may not be a good fit for the company
  • The role offered to you is different from the one you applied for, either due to misinformation, or being offered as a “consolation prize” from the initial role being filled
  • You’ve received a better offer from another company
  • You haven’t been given concrete information that you need to help make your decision (for example, pay, start times, status of current employees, etc.)
  • The company has a suspiciously high turnover rate

Reputable recruitment agencies in Surrey like On Track know that the ultimate goal of job hunting isn’t just to find you a job, but to find one that matches you well, so that both you and your new employer are happy. With this in mind, don’t fret too much about having to turn down a role if it truly wasn’t the right fit for you. If you’d like to enlist the help of our supportive and dedicated recruiters then get in contact with us today – we would be thrilled to help you take the next steps in your career!