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Three Things Hiring Managers Dread to See in CVs – And How To Fix Them

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A vital part of looking for jobs in Surrey involves sending out your CV, whether directly to companies or through agencies like On Track Recruitment. Perhaps you’ve not been receiving the response that you’d hoped for and are wondering why – is it possible that you’ve included any of the following? Some things are sure to put a dampener on any CV, no matter how good the rest of it is.


Whether your mistakes come in the form of spelling and grammatical errors or formatting mishaps, they never look good. Errors in your CV don’t reflect well on you, especially if you claim to have good attention to detail.

Don’t rush, and make sure you have time to thoroughly check and correct everything before you apply for jobs in Surrey. It can be all too easy to miss your own mistakes, so having a fresh pair of eyes take a look can help spot errors you have not noticed.

Irrelevant Information

This may come in the form of exceedingly wordy sentences, excessive detail, the addition of every job you’ve ever had (no matter how short term or temporary) or every minor achievement you’ve ever been proud of.

CVs are meant to be concise overviews of your skills and experience, and how they fit in with the position you are currently applying for. Ensure that any information included is relevant to the role in question and weed out anything that isn’t strictly necessary. Hobbies and interests can be included if they demonstrate specific qualities or skills, but otherwise, you may want to give these a miss. Anything out of date (especially contact information) must be amended or deleted

Suspicious Blanks

In the same way that too much information can be off-putting, certain missing details can be a cause of alarm to many hiring managers. For example, you won’t be expected to write much about your earlier school achievements, but if more recent positions appear to be missing, then it may look like you have something to hide.

Whether it’s your contact information, employment history, or school qualifications, make sure that you haven’t missed out anything important. Some gaps in employment are understandable, but they will be noticed and enquired about – don’t try to hide things, as the truth will out.

Need a bit of extra assistance with searching for jobs in Surrey? Work together with the team at On Track to launch your career. Browse our latest opportunities, or contact us with any questions at 01252 727887 or

Follow These Three Easy Tips for a Successful CV!

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As a trusted recruitment agency in Farnham, On Track specialises in matching up candidates with job roles that best fit them and their skill sets. Of course, no matter how perfect the match, candidates still need to go through the application process, which usually includes writing a CV – something which many find daunting. But if you simply follow these three tips, you will see your CV’s success rate soar.


Get Your CV Checked By Someone You Trust

It goes without saying that you should always review your spelling and grammar in any important documents like CVs before you submit them, but it can be all too easy to skim over your own mistakes due to familiarity. A fresh set of eyes can make all the difference and can ensure that mistakes that you may have missed get picked up.

Also double check that any personal and contact information you’ve submitted is up to date and correct – it would be awful to find out that employers wanted you for a role but couldn’t get through to you.


Be Concise

When it comes to CVs, it can be tempting to try and include as much as possible to demonstrate how skilled and capable but you are. Unfortunately, this will often just make things seem cluttered, and may even hinder your chances. It’s a good idea to be as concise as possible and break up your sections where possible, as whoever reads your CV will be far more likely to skim paragraphs of text, but actually read bullet points, especially if you keep them short.


Tailor Your CV For Each Application

Even if all of your applications are for similar roles, each hiring manager will have a certain set of skills and traits that they’re searching for. Read through the job listing to find out what these are and then highlight them in your CV with examples. You may also want to remove superfluous information that is less relevant for certain applications to keep things shorter and neater (remember, as we said above, the best CVs are concise!)


If you’re looking for work in Hampshire or Surrey and need the assistance of an experienced recruitment agency in Farnham, then On Track Recruitment is here for you. Candidates are free to browse our job listings and submit their CVs for consideration, whilst clients can get in touch with us today for more information about what we can offer.

Want Your Cover Letter to be Successful? Avoid These Three Sentences!

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As a recruitment agency in Surrey, it is On Track’s job to put qualified candidates in touch with employers so they can find a role that fits – but that is only the first step in any job hunting journey. We are merely the matchmakers – it’s up to candidates to make a good impression during the interview, and through your CV and cover letter. Unfortunately, there are some all too common phrases used in the latter that seem to be a turn off for hiring managers – so to avoid disappointment, we would suggest steering clear of these when crafting your cover letter.


“To Whom it May Concern…”

This sounds more like the start of a passive-aggressive note left on the windscreen of a badly-parked car than the opening of a successful cover letter. Of course, ideally you’ll want to address the cover letter to whoever will be reading it, but if that information isn’t always readily available. After conducting some research, you may be able to deduce the right name, but if you’re not completely sure and don’t want to risk guessing amongst the names you’ve found, deferring to Sir/Madam is a viable alternative.


“Despite My Limited Experience…”

Many hiring managers will ignore everything that comes after this, and will focus on your lack of experience and will see it as you not being the correct fit. Don’t draw attention to your weakness, but instead focus on your strengths and relevant transferable skills. Mention instead that you’re looking for a change or are ready to take the next step in your career – keep a positive mentality and highlight your strong points on the application.


“I’m Writing to Express my Interest…”

The age-old writing advice “show don’t tell” is highly applicable here. Don’t just say you’re interested in the role (of course you are – why else would you be applying?) – say why you’re interested in this role in particular, the company that advertised it, and what you think you can bring to the table.

Whether you’re a candidate looking for work or a business looking to find potential employees to fill their roles, you’ll need to enlist the help of a capable recruitment agency in Surrey like On Track recruitment. Candidates can browse our site for open job listings, and potential clients looking for more information can contact our team today by calling 01252 727887 or emailing



Follow These Three Tips to Achieve CV Perfection!

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If you’re searching for a new role, then there are many excellent jobs in Farnham just waiting to be paired up with you by On Track Recruitment. Of course, if you want to get that killer job, then you’ll need a killer CV. Your CV is your marketing tool and it is vital you take time to ensure you highlight your key skills and experience that will grab the attention of the prospective employer. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, then simply follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to CV perfection!


Tailor your CV

You want to keep your details relevant for the role that you are applying for, meaning you need to adapt your CV each time you apply for a new position so that it will stand out from the other applications  (remember, not all your work history needs to be on your CV if it’s not relevant). You will want to emphasise certain qualities, skills and past successes in order to highlight what a good fit you are for the position you are applying for.


Watch your language

Whoever is reading your CV is only able to judge you based on what you’ve written, which is why you need to be careful when it comes to wording; you need to be mindful of using tired or clichéd buzzwords. Instead use industry-specific key terms which will jump out to hiring managers (for example, the terms ‘targets’ and ‘success’ will be of interest for sales positions, but calling yourself ‘punctual’ may not add anything to your application at all).


Keep Up Appearances

How your CV looks is just as important as its content. Do keep in mind in mind formatting (including fonts, justification, and line spacing) and ensure that it clear , concise and  easy to read – your CV will most likely be discarded if it’s messy or confusing.

You will also want to keep your CV regularly updated and generally it should be no longer than 1-2 A4 pages (though there are exceptions to this depending on what industry you work in and how long you have been working for). There is no need to include a photo with your CV, though it is advised to include one on your LinkedIn profile, if you have one.


The team at On Track Recruitment are dedicated to helping you find the right position, and are always on the lookout for the best available jobs in Farnham to share with you. Why not take a look at our jobs page, or contact us today if you have any questions or need more help – we’re here for you!

Improve Your CV as easy as 1-2-3

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Working at one of the leading recruitment agencies Surrey, the team here at On Track Recruitment is well versed in helping candidates perfect their CVs so that they only send out the best version possible in their applications. Updating your CV can be a notoriously difficult task to tackle, but we’ve compiled a few tips to help improve yours without you having to completely overhaul it.


Prove Yourself

We all know that a CV is meant to highlight what exactly it is you’re capable of, and what you can bring to a role if given the chance, but to really level-up your CV, you’ll want to provide examples of results and successes achieved in your working life. After all, demonstrating your strengths make your CV a lot stronger than one that simply lists off skills without backing them up with evidence!


Keep it Relevant

It can be tempting to cram in as much work experience as possible on your CV, especially if you don’t have much much, or don’t feel too confident with what you have – unfortunately, this can do more harm than good! Some work history may simply not be relevant to the roles that you’re applying for now and will just be taking up space that could be better used for other information; pick and choose what you include so that it best fits the specific positions for which you are applying.


Build From a Sturdy Foundation

It’s a good idea to have a ‘base’ or ‘master’ CV, which features essential information that you can tweak for each different position that you apply for. Personalisation is key, but you don’t want to have to start from scratch for each job application! If you’re struggling with wording certain sections of your CV, such as your skill sets, or previous work responsibilities, try looking at job listings and descriptions to get an idea of the language you should be using.


You can have the support of one of the best recruitment agencies Surrey at your back with On Track Recruitment – our team cares wholeheartedly about finding you a job you’ll love (and an employer that will love you!). To find out more about how we can help you, email our team at or call us on 01252 727887. Or, if you’d rather get straight to searching through what positions we have to offer, head on over to our jobs page now!

Three Things You Must Check Before Sending Your CV

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On Track Recruitment is dedicated to sourcing the best opportunities for full-time jobs Surrey. When applying to one of our vacancies, please ensure your CV is up to date, engaging and error free. So, before you send your CV, please make sure you take the time to double check the following:

Spelling and Grammar

At best, spelling and grammar mistakes are embarrassing, but when it comes to searching for full-time jobs Surrey, these mistakes may prohibit your application from being considered for an interview – particularly if you have included ‘attention to detail’ as one of your skills. It can be harder to spot spelling and grammar mistakes in your own work, as you know what you are trying to say, meaning that your brain will fill in the blanks and often skip over things, so it is a good idea to get a friend or family member to check your CV for you.


CVs that look ‘all over the place’ in terms of formatting will mostly be seen as unprofessional and disregarded. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything fancy, just make sure that it is cohesive, legible and easy to follow. In other words, keep fonts, sizes, line heights, etc. consistent, and ensure that similar sub headings look the same; for example, if your first sub heading is bold 12pt, then all other subheadings should be the same (for example, do not let one become accidentally underlined or italicised instead). You can download many free online templates if you are struggling with this, and some word processing programmes offer their own too.

Correct Information

Whether it is your work history or contact information, this cannot be wrong. Your potential employer needs accurate information about you in order to properly process your application. Only then will they get back to you regarding interviews and possible employment. Inaccurate information about your past experience may appear deceitful, and wrong contact numbers could lead to you missing out on interviews, so check this all very carefully.

For a great selection of full-time jobs Surrey and Hampshire, be sure to visit On Track Recruitment’s job listings page, or visit us in person in our Farnham office. You can also contact us via telephone (01252 727887) or email. If you have any further questions, our team is always here to assist you.

Support and Advice From On Track Recruitment – Recruitment Agency Farnham

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On Track Recruitment is a trusted local recruitment agency whose dedicated team is focussed on finding the best available job opportunities in Farnham and surrounding areas. We offer our candidates support and advice including marketing your CV and how to make the very most of the interview process ensuring a positive outcome.

As part of a leading recruitment agency in Farnham, our On Track Recruitment team is always looking for the best jobs and best candidates with the aim of meeting the specific needs of both parties and to help you find success in your chosen career path. If you’d like to see the jobs openings we have on offer, then visit our listings page today and see what’s going in the local area. Alternatively, you can always give our team a ring on 01252 727887 and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

CV Advice: enriching your CV

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Job hunting can be tough; especially if you’re a recent graduate looking for that all important first job or someone looking for a career change. On Track Recruitment are specialists in offering CV advice for situations like this, in addition to offering a variety local job opportunities on our website. In this blog post, we thought we would share some of our wisdom on how to bolster your CV and illustrate your important skills while you are in the process of looking for a job.

  1. Keep your employment history gap free by volunteering in your local community. Charities are always on the lookout for people to help out in their shops, and many museums are completely run by volunteers. By volunteering for organisations such as these you can gain communication, administration and organisation experience that will not only look great on your CV, but will also help you contribute to a good cause.
  2. Write to local magazines or website offering to contribute ideas for articles or features. You can boost your written communication skills in this way and build a portfolio of work to show to employers. If you struggle to find an organisation that needs contributions, consider starting up your own blog. This is especially important for roles that require lots of writing, as often employers will like to see examples of writing by candidates.
  3. Contribute to the community independently. Organise events in local pubs or venues, whether for a charity or to raise community funds. There are always local musicians and comedians who would be enthusiastic to perform – often for free. Events like open mic nights and comedy shows are quite straightforward to organise; or you could even put a team together and organised a larger scale music night. By taking the initiative like this you will build up experience and show to employers how proactive you are.

On Track Recruitment is a recruitment consultancy service based in Farnham. We work with job seekers, graduates and career changers and offer a high quality service ranging from CV advice to interview preparation. Contact us for information about our available jobs in Surrey and Hampshire via email at or by calling 01252 727887. You can also follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on LinkedIn.