Blink and You’ll Miss out : Candidates Snapped Up As Demand Increases

The team at On Track are at the forefront of recruitment in Farnham, meaning that we see the successes and struggles of both employers and potential candidates, and often end up being able to spot certain patterns and trends in the local job market. So what’s the pattern of the moment? High demand for candidates and a faster moving recruitment process than ever.


There’s never been a busier time in recruitment than now, especially as we head towards the festive season and the sudden influx of temporary Christmas work. The job hunting timeline is becoming incredibly fast paced, meaning prompt interviews and speedy decisions are a must to avoid losing talent to other job offers.

The increase in job search sites (such as Indeed and Monster) are also allowing candidates to “shop around” more, exposing them to a greater number of employers and opportunities, all of which are fighting with you to attain the most desirable candidates.

Candidates themselves are also becoming more proactive, with many juggling multiple applications, interviews and offers at once, meaning employers have to move fast to secure desired additions to their teams. It’s now also more important than ever to remain attractive as an employer and competitive with your job offers – something that makes a candidates pause can be the first step in securing them as an employee instead of losing them to another company.


Want to snap up your own ideal candidate before they’re gone? Work with a team experienced in recruitment in Farnham such as On Track for a larger and more targeted group of local candidates who will fit your role perfectly. Call us today on 01252 727887 for more information or send an email to to arrange a meeting.