Best Time of Year to Look For Jobs

As recruiters in Surrey, we know that although there are always jobs in Farnham available throughout the year, patterns and trends have emerged of when is the best time of year to be searching. So, depending on the job you are looking for, it could be important to factor in the below information when job hunting.


January & February


January and February is the best time of the year to search for new jobs in Farnham.This is because at this time of the year, companies have received the updated yearly budget and sales forecasts.


Additionally, executives have a better idea of whether they either need and/or can afford a new staff member. So, companies at this point in the year, have the time, money, and resources to hire new staff.


March, April & May


With cold Winter weather disappearing behind us, Spring brings new life in the form of new job roles. In these months, it is still a favourable time to apply for jobs. Yet, it is best not to leave job hunting too late, as your first choice of job roles may have already been filled.


The main upside of a looking for jobs in Spring is the clear sense of urgency. Companies are in need of a new candidate and dedicate more time to finding the correct person for the job. Businesses are willing to interview more candidates in order to make sure that they find their new ideal employee.


June, July, August


During the Summer months, we usually see a dip in the volume of job applicants. Companies have more than likely bolstered their staff numbers earlier in the year and the number of job vacancies drops.


This does not mean that there are no jobs available, it just means that you will need to be more patient and expect a longer hiring process due to employers taking holidays.


However, if of course you are looking for short-term and lower salary summer jobs in Farnham, there will be plenty of options available. Yet, if you are wanting long-term, higher quality roles it will require more time and effort to find an ideal role within these months. 


September & October


Autumn marks the last burst of hiring for the year. With Summer over, managers in charge of hiring, have more availability for interviews and for screening of potential candidates. 


The prior summer months brings a renewed vitality and refreshment to the workplace, meaning a smoother, faster paced hiring process, especially as hiring managers return from their holidays.


November & December


The last months of the year are considered to be the worst time of year to look for a job. Not to discourage you, but if you are looking for roles in the latter months of the year, expect your job application to be put on hold until the new year when companies have more information about budgets, resources and business growth strategies.


Unless you are looking for a Christmas or seasonal job in Farnham, then you will likely struggle to find the type of positions you may want. This can be in part explained by the budget coming in the new year, but also, similarly to Summer, a lot of hiring managers may take holiday time in Winter as well. 

If you are looking for jobs in Farnham then whatever the season let us help you find a job that will suit you. As a reliable recruitment agency in Surrey, we have a vast selection of jobs in Farnham. Please get in touch today and find out how we can help you find your perfect position or call 01252 727887.