Try Thinking Like a Christmas Present to Achieve Job Hunting Success

It’s that time of year again and the On Track team has just one thing on their minds…. full time jobs in Surrey! Well, that and presents. Presents are always a joy to both give and receive, to wrap and to unwrap, but did you know that they can also teach us some valuable tips about job hunting? You might be sceptical but why not try it? All you need to do is…


Be Appealing

All the best presents are those that are so beautifully wrapped and adorned with ribbons and tags that you end up being torn between wanting to rip right into them, and wanting to preserve how it looks forever. During the job hunting process, you want to be the same – your CV should make hiring managers want to dig deeper and invite you for an interview. And when you get that interview ensure that you make a good first impression by looking smart, professional and presentable.


Stand Out from the Crowd

Ever had difficulty deciding which present under the tree to unwrap first? Well how about the one that’s shaped a little differently than the others – the one that draws your eye to it because it’s so unique? It’s easy to get caught in a trap of using buzzwords when searching for full time jobs in Surrey and saying what you think employers want to hear, that you end up sounding like every other candidate. Remember – this is about you and why you’re the best fit for this role – don’t be afraid to stand out a little!


Be Fun to Unwrap

The best presents are the ones that are fun to unwrap – where the paper tears just so to reveal what lies beneath the sparkling paper, and isn’t all gummed up with sticky tape that needs scissors to get through. In the same way, you’ll want to reveal more about yourself once you reach the interview stage; your CV acts as a little summary to entice employers to talk to you more, and you mustn’t make it too difficult for them once they start to “unwrap” you. Be candid, and show off everything that makes you hireable that you couldn’t fit in your CV.


Another way to get ahead in the hunt for full time jobs in Surrey is to enlist the support of an experienced team like on Track recruitment. We’re passionate about helping people realise their full potential and moving into careers that suit them. Take the next step in your career today – why not browse our job listings online and upload your CV to our database, or talk to us directly by calling 01252 727887 or emailing