5 Ways to Leave a Great Impression

In a competitive job market, leaving a good impression can help you to stand out from a sea of similarly qualified candidates. That’s why we have gathered our collective recruitment services knowledge to bring you our top five ways to leave a brilliant impression in an interview!


  1. Show up early

The standard rule for job interviews is that turning up “on time” actually means 5-10 minutes early. This shows that you are eager for the opportunity, and that you have good time management, both of which are good qualities for a potential employee to have. To ensure that you don’t get lost, it’s also a good idea to plan out your journey carefully beforehand, and even to do a test run; that way, you know you won’t get flustered trying to find it on the day (a bad start to any interview!).

  1. Do your research

Company research is a critical part of any job interview. Indeed, nothing is more impressive to a prospective employer than if you have done your research well, as this shows a real interest in the business, as well as conveying that you are a driven, self-starting individual with good research skills and capabilities. Additionally, background research into the company allows you to feel more prepared for, and consequently more confident when answering, interview questions such as “What do you know about our company/competition?”

  1. Show an interest

While research into the company is expected, showing a real interest in the job itself, the business, and the interviewer will make you stand out from the crowd. Before your interview, prepare questions to ask about the company and job. It is also a good idea to look into the interviewer themselves (their past achievements, any work they have published), and to subtly mention your findings in the course of the interview conversation – this can be very flattering, and consequently endear you to the interviewer.

  1. Listen carefully

It may seem obvious, but really listening to what the interviewer says is crucial to being able to converse well and build a relationship throughout the interview. Of course, when you’re feeling nervous it is often difficult to concentrate fully on what someone is saying, but it is key that you try to stay relaxed and focused. Above all, make sure you listen to entire questions before giving your considered answers, and don’t ever interrupt or talk over the interviewer.

  1. Be mindful of body language

It is something you will hear a lot, but body language really is key in giving the right impression! For example, there are a number of different ways that body language can trip you up; bad posture says that you are lazy, leaning back too far comes across as arrogant, crossed arms are defensive, and fidgeting can distract the interviewer, as well as showing how nervous you are! Conversely, the right type of body language can leave the interviewer(s) with a great impression of you. Our top tips to make sure of this? Build rapport with your interviewer by smiling and maintaining eye contact throughout the interview, and try to keep your body language as open and approachable as possible by staying calm.


We hope that you will find these ideas useful for making a good impression in your future interviews, and wish you good luck in securing your dream job! If you’d like help finding your perfect job in Farnham, Surrey, or the surrounding areas in Surrey and Hampshire, contact us at On Track Recruitment Services today, by calling 01252 727887 or emailing info@ontrackrecruitment.co.uk.