5 Key Tips On How To Do Well At Telephone Interviews

For jobs in Surrey, and in general, a good CV will no longer be enough to get you an actual interview. More and more companies will have an initial phone interview, before they come up with a shortlist of candidates for a further face to face meeting. Getting to this latter stage can be affected by the actions you take prior to the telephone interview, during and afterwards. Here are some key tips to increase your chances of having a successful phone interview.


Do your homework


This tip is of vital importance. Before you interview for jobs in Surrey, you must research the company and the person interviewing you. Remember, preparation is a precursor of success. So, make sure when you have your interview you are ready with the knowledge and planning to make an impactful first impression. 


Ask Questions


Being prepared means you can not only answer any questions the interviewer may throw at you, but you can ask questions too. This will make you appear both organised and professional, whilst gaining enough essential information to decide if this is the right job for you. 


Reduce the Number of Distractions


Make sure that you are in an environment that will benefit the interview. Shut out distractions and noise, so you can be calm and collected ready for the interview. By closing down your Facebook and Twitter, turning off your TV and shutting the door, you reduce the opportunity for yourself to stop paying attention during your interview.


Have prompts ready 


The joy of having a phone interview is that you can have all essential documents or prompts to hand to help you. One good idea is to have your CV to hand and underline parts of it you want to highlight within the conversation. Therefore distinguishing yourself from other candidates for the job you are applying for.


Listen First


Let the interviewer talk first, whilst you listen and make notes. So, when it is your time to talk, you are prepared and ready. When you do talk, talk clearly and with a smile, even stand up. All of these things can affect the way you sound on the phone and may affect the way you present yourself to the interviewer. 


Regardless of the job role, these 5 key tips are a great start to a successful phone interview and we hope they will help you find a job in Surrey that is right for you.  As a trusted recruitment agency, we offer a wide and comprehensive range of jobs in Surrey and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a job role that will utilise your specific skills and capabilities then please get in contact today or call us on 01252 727887. Our friendly team would love to hear from you!