Three Things Hiring Managers Dread to See in CVs And How To Fix Them

A vital part of looking for jobs in Surrey involves sending out your CV, whether directly to companies or through agencies like On Track Recruitment. Perhaps you’ve not been receiving the response that you’d hoped for and are wondering why – is it possible that you’ve included any of the following? Some things are sure to put a dampener on any CV, no matter how good the rest of it is.


Whether your mistakes come in the form of spelling and grammatical errors or formatting mishaps, they never look good. Errors in your CV don’t reflect well on you, especially if you claim to have good attention to detail.

Don’t rush, and make sure you have time to thoroughly check and correct everything before you apply for jobs in Surrey. It can be all too easy to miss your own mistakes, so having a fresh pair of eyes take a look can help spot errors you have not noticed.

Irrelevant Information

This may come in the form of exceedingly wordy sentences, excessive detail, the addition of every job you’ve ever had (no matter how short term or temporary) or every minor achievement you’ve ever been proud of.

CVs are meant to be concise overviews of your skills and experience, and how they fit in with the position you are currently applying for. Ensure that any information included is relevant to the role in question and weed out anything that isn’t strictly necessary. Hobbies and interests can be included if they demonstrate specific qualities or skills, but otherwise, you may want to give these a miss. Anything out of date (especially contact information) must be amended or deleted

Suspicious Blanks

In the same way that too much information can be off-putting, certain missing details can be a cause of alarm to many hiring managers. For example, you won’t be expected to write much about your earlier school achievements, but if more recent positions appear to be missing, then it may look like you have something to hide.

Whether it’s your contact information, employment history, or school qualifications, make sure that you haven’t missed out anything important. Some gaps in employment are understandable, but they will be noticed and enquired about – don’t try to hide things, as the truth will out.

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