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Networking: How to Find New Professional Contacts

A group of networkers brought together by a recruitment company in Surrey

As a leading recruitment company in Surrey, the team at On Track Recruitment thought it was about time that we spoke about something we know many young professionals dread: networking. We find that a lot of candidates haven’t got the first clue of how to go about networking, let alone where to go, and how to meet new business contacts – but it’s actually not as complicated as it seems. We would suggest trying the following to get started.


Corporate Events

Conferences are a fantastic way to meet a large number of professional contacts in your preferred industry and field, and you can be sure that networking will be welcomed, since others at these events will be looking to expand their professional circles too. Events like these have the added bonus of allowing you to learn at the same time, and bounce ideas off new contacts (or at least function as a conversation starter).



Never underestimate the value of friends of friends, or colleagues’ contacts. Some may be reluctant to foster contacts “close to home”, but you don’t need to be constantly breaking new ground in order to be networking efficiently. Have a browse through your LinkedIn connections and see if you can get the ball rolling if the above options aren’t feasible.


“Cold Calls”

When it comes to networking, “cold calls” will be less about actual calls, and more about emails (or perhaps private messages on LinkedIn) – you may even prefer to call them “Cold Reach Outs” to people you admire. Why not try commenting on their blog, Twitter account, etc. beforehand so that your message isn’t completely out of the blue and the recipient is more likely to be receptive – remember to highlight the benefit of them connecting with you, as well.


If you’re in need of a professional recruitment company in Surrey to match you up with your perfect career, then On Track is here to help! With a specialist team of recruiters and a variety of roles available on our vacancies page, we have everything you need to get a head start on your job hunt. Upload your CV to our database today, or contact us for more assistance – we’d be delighted to help you.

Is There Ever a Good Reason to Decline a Job Offer?

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As one of the most successful recruitment agencies in Surrey, On Track Recruitment know that if you’ve been searching for a job for quite some time, it can feel only natural to jump at the chance when an offer is presented to you… but a “beggars can’t be choosers” attitude can often cause more problems in the long run, for both the employee and employer, with a lot of wasted time on everyone’s hands.


Some may argue that when factoring in wages and experience, there’s never a good reason to turn down a job offer, but this simply isn’t true!

In fact, there are many reasonable grounds for declining offers received, including the following:

  • The proposed salary is not enough to support your current needs (and negotiation has proved fruitless)
  • There is little to no possibility for career progression
  • After the interview, you feel that you may not be a good fit for the company
  • The role offered to you is different from the one you applied for, either due to misinformation, or being offered as a “consolation prize” from the initial role being filled
  • You’ve received a better offer from another company
  • You haven’t been given concrete information that you need to help make your decision (for example, pay, start times, status of current employees, etc.)
  • The company has a suspiciously high turnover rate

Reputable recruitment agencies in Surrey like On Track know that the ultimate goal of job hunting isn’t just to find you a job, but to find one that matches you well, so that both you and your new employer are happy. With this in mind, don’t fret too much about having to turn down a role if it truly wasn’t the right fit for you. If you’d like to enlist the help of our supportive and dedicated recruiters then get in contact with us today – we would be thrilled to help you take the next steps in your career!

Follow These Three Easy Tips for a Successful CV!

Someone celebrating CV success thanks to our recruitment agency in Farnham

As a trusted recruitment agency in Farnham, On Track specialises in matching up candidates with job roles that best fit them and their skill sets. Of course, no matter how perfect the match, candidates still need to go through the application process, which usually includes writing a CV – something which many find daunting. But if you simply follow these three tips, you will see your CV’s success rate soar.


Get Your CV Checked By Someone You Trust

It goes without saying that you should always review your spelling and grammar in any important documents like CVs before you submit them, but it can be all too easy to skim over your own mistakes due to familiarity. A fresh set of eyes can make all the difference and can ensure that mistakes that you may have missed get picked up.

Also double check that any personal and contact information you’ve submitted is up to date and correct – it would be awful to find out that employers wanted you for a role but couldn’t get through to you.


Be Concise

When it comes to CVs, it can be tempting to try and include as much as possible to demonstrate how skilled and capable but you are. Unfortunately, this will often just make things seem cluttered, and may even hinder your chances. It’s a good idea to be as concise as possible and break up your sections where possible, as whoever reads your CV will be far more likely to skim paragraphs of text, but actually read bullet points, especially if you keep them short.


Tailor Your CV For Each Application

Even if all of your applications are for similar roles, each hiring manager will have a certain set of skills and traits that they’re searching for. Read through the job listing to find out what these are and then highlight them in your CV with examples. You may also want to remove superfluous information that is less relevant for certain applications to keep things shorter and neater (remember, as we said above, the best CVs are concise!)


If you’re looking for work in Hampshire or Surrey and need the assistance of an experienced recruitment agency in Farnham, then On Track Recruitment is here for you. Candidates are free to browse our job listings and submit their CVs for consideration, whilst clients can get in touch with us today for more information about what we can offer.

Why You Should Research Your Potential Employer Before Interviews

A jobseeker doing research on the advice of one of the top recruitment agencies in Surrey, On Track

As one of the most recommended recruitment agencies in Surrey, On Track Recruitment is passionate about helping our candidates find the perfect role for them, and supporting them throughout the interview process. Of course, we can only offer advice and guidance – the rest is up to you, including the level of research that you do beforehand. So, why should you research potential employers before interviews? Good question!


  • Learning more about the company should help you remember why you’re interested (or even excited and enthusiastic) about this position, and strengthen your resolve, which is a great boost to have before an interview.
  • Investigation can sometimes reveal possible doubts and obstacles, which you can then raise at the interview in order to have them addressed properly.
  • Researching the location will confirm if you can actually make it to work there every day, as well as prevent you from getting lost and in a flap on the day of your interview.
  • Candidates who have clearly researched the company are always looked upon more favourably than those who haven’t – if you show off your knowledge during your interview, it can give a great impression and give you some bonus points.
  • You can compare any extra information you can find out about working there, and see if it fits with what you see during the interview.
  • Thorough preparation will help you to be as confident as possible during the interview, which should hopefully help you feel more calm and in control – or at least less nervous!


On Track is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Surrey and is home to the most dedicated recruiters you’ll ever meet. To find a fantastic job today, browse our available roles, upload your CV, or contact us directly with any enquiries at 01252 727887 or – we’d love to hear from you!

Want Your Cover Letter to be Successful? Avoid These Three Sentences!

A blank notebook ready for someone to draft a cover letter, guided by their recruitment agency in Surrey

As a recruitment agency in Surrey, it is On Track’s job to put qualified candidates in touch with employers so they can find a role that fits – but that is only the first step in any job hunting journey. We are merely the matchmakers – it’s up to candidates to make a good impression during the interview, and through your CV and cover letter. Unfortunately, there are some all too common phrases used in the latter that seem to be a turn off for hiring managers – so to avoid disappointment, we would suggest steering clear of these when crafting your cover letter.


“To Whom it May Concern…”

This sounds more like the start of a passive-aggressive note left on the windscreen of a badly-parked car than the opening of a successful cover letter. Of course, ideally you’ll want to address the cover letter to whoever will be reading it, but if that information isn’t always readily available. After conducting some research, you may be able to deduce the right name, but if you’re not completely sure and don’t want to risk guessing amongst the names you’ve found, deferring to Sir/Madam is a viable alternative.


“Despite My Limited Experience…”

Many hiring managers will ignore everything that comes after this, and will focus on your lack of experience and will see it as you not being the correct fit. Don’t draw attention to your weakness, but instead focus on your strengths and relevant transferable skills. Mention instead that you’re looking for a change or are ready to take the next step in your career – keep a positive mentality and highlight your strong points on the application.


“I’m Writing to Express my Interest…”

The age-old writing advice “show don’t tell” is highly applicable here. Don’t just say you’re interested in the role (of course you are – why else would you be applying?) – say why you’re interested in this role in particular, the company that advertised it, and what you think you can bring to the table.

Whether you’re a candidate looking for work or a business looking to find potential employees to fill their roles, you’ll need to enlist the help of a capable recruitment agency in Surrey like On Track recruitment. Candidates can browse our site for open job listings, and potential clients looking for more information can contact our team today by calling 01252 727887 or emailing