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How To Conquer First Day Nerves | Part Two – Be Proactive

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Here at On Track Recruitment Farnham, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to all of our candidates. We understand that first days can be scary, and we consider guiding candidates through the early stages of their new jobs to be of great importance. In our previous blog, How To Conquer First Day Nerves | Part One, we covered preparation, dressing and punctuality. In this blog, however, we will talk about proactivity in the workplace.


Proactivity is one of the most important things that managers and MDs look for. If you have spare time, make sure to organise your work space and adjust to the new setting. As experts in recruitment Farnham, we know keeping your desk tidy shows respect for the workplace and pride in your presentation. It will also make it easier for you to get on with your work without becoming stressed.


Make sure to write notes when your colleagues and superiors are talking to you. If you don’t take any notes, you could easily forget what they’ve asked you to do, which can make for an awful first impression. If you don’t understand something you’ve been asked to do, just ask. Asking questions shows that you are engaged, interested, and (obviously) proactive.


If you have quite a few tasks to be getting on with, try to prioritise. Unless you have been told otherwise, don’t just complete your tasks in the order they were given; complete them in order of what you understand to be their level of importance.


Finally, make sure to volunteer for tasks. While it is important not to overwhelm yourself, you should also be looking to take on more responsibility, thus increasing your worth to your employer. Your colleagues will appreciate your help and it will make an excellent first impression.


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