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How to get in the Right Mindset for Job Hunting

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Let’s face it, searching and applying for jobs can be mentally draining; as a first class employment agency Surrey, On Track Recruitment know this all too well! No matter how enthusiastically you start off, a job search that stretches on longer than you would like can be demotivating, and leave you feeling lost. But you don’t have to stay that way! We’ve got some tricks to help you perk yourself up and get right back into a successful mindset.


A good way to kick things off is with a motivational list! Using a word processor, note-taking app, or good old-fashioned pen and paper, take some time to list your achievements, your USPs (unique selling points), and skills. What challenges have you overcome in the past, and what have you accomplished both in and out of work? It might be hard to think of things at first, but once you get going and start to remember your past achievements, you’ll soon realise that there were a lot more than you first realised!


This list can help build confidence and reassure you that you’re more than capable of being successful in the positions you’re applying for. This confidence may even help you pass along this sentiment to a recruiter, interviewer, or HR team!


Another tactic is to get online and do some networking and ‘personal brand building’ – and no, this isn’t an excuse for you to whittle away an hour on Facebook or Twitter! Making contacts in the industry and sharing relevant content can really help you get back in the swing of things, as well as giving you a social boost, which can help to make any upcoming interview seem less daunting. You may even find a job through your contacts that you might not have heard of otherwise!


You can also research your desired role, industry, or the companies you’re applying to; this will boost your enthusiasm and keep the knowledge fresh in your mind for when you write your cover letter or attend an interview. Remember, fortune favours the prepared!

You can help increase your chances of successfully finding a role that suits you by signing up with On track Recruitment, a professional employment agency Surrey with a dedicated, experienced team all ready to help you. Upload your CV now, check our vacancies page, or contact us today, and we’ll help you realise your potential!

Improve Your CV as easy as 1-2-3

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Working at one of the leading recruitment agencies Surrey, the team here at On Track Recruitment is well versed in helping candidates perfect their CVs so that they only send out the best version possible in their applications. Updating your CV can be a notoriously difficult task to tackle, but we’ve compiled a few tips to help improve yours without you having to completely overhaul it.


Prove Yourself

We all know that a CV is meant to highlight what exactly it is you’re capable of, and what you can bring to a role if given the chance, but to really level-up your CV, you’ll want to provide examples of results and successes achieved in your working life. After all, demonstrating your strengths make your CV a lot stronger than one that simply lists off skills without backing them up with evidence!


Keep it Relevant

It can be tempting to cram in as much work experience as possible on your CV, especially if you don’t have much much, or don’t feel too confident with what you have – unfortunately, this can do more harm than good! Some work history may simply not be relevant to the roles that you’re applying for now and will just be taking up space that could be better used for other information; pick and choose what you include so that it best fits the specific positions for which you are applying.


Build From a Sturdy Foundation

It’s a good idea to have a ‘base’ or ‘master’ CV, which features essential information that you can tweak for each different position that you apply for. Personalisation is key, but you don’t want to have to start from scratch for each job application! If you’re struggling with wording certain sections of your CV, such as your skill sets, or previous work responsibilities, try looking at job listings and descriptions to get an idea of the language you should be using.


You can have the support of one of the best recruitment agencies Surrey at your back with On Track Recruitment – our team cares wholeheartedly about finding you a job you’ll love (and an employer that will love you!). To find out more about how we can help you, email our team at or call us on 01252 727887. Or, if you’d rather get straight to searching through what positions we have to offer, head on over to our jobs page now!