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Three Ways to Prepare for an Interview

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Our team at On Track Recruitment dedicate time to matching local candidates with the perfect full-time jobs Farnham. When needed we offer coaching and advice to job seekers so that they may find the best opportunities to meet their expectations. Once we have arranged an interview on your behalf we will continue to give advice regarding the application process. In fact, if you’re due for an interview soon and need a little help feeling more prepared, then why not take a quick look at some tips from us below?

First Things First

Did you know that it can take interviewers as little as 90 seconds to decide if they think you’ll fit the role or not? First impressions are vitally important in the job market. Remember that your body language, appearance, clothing, and the way you speak can all set you at an advantage or disadvantage depending on what conclusion your interviewer comes to.

Sell Yourself

The purpose of an interview is to see if the role is a good fit for both parties, so you need to demonstrate relevant qualities, such as problem-solving, creativity, and listening skills. If your CV is thin, emphasise your potential and willingness to learn. Sometimes interviewers are more interested in your potential growth as an employee.

Practice Makes Perfect

Interviews can be daunting for a variety of reasons, and one of the best ways to ease this is with practice. Of course, you don’t want to use real interviews as a test run; setting up practice interviews with friends, family, or various employment services (including recruiters) is your best bet, and can help you start to find the situation less immediately stressful by way of association.

Once your confidence has grown and you start to get called in for real interviews, you can use these as a very helpful learning tool – even the unsuccessful ones.Simply ask for feedback from your interviewers to help you identify weaknesses and improve your interview technique.

If you’re looking for full-time jobs Farnham and want to find your ideal role, it’s worth browsing through On Track Recruitment’s job listings! You can also receive further information and support from our friendly and dedicated team by calling our office on 01252 727887 or emailing

Three Things You Must Check Before Sending Your CV

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On Track Recruitment is dedicated to sourcing the best opportunities for full-time jobs Surrey. When applying to one of our vacancies, please ensure your CV is up to date, engaging and error free. So, before you send your CV, please make sure you take the time to double check the following:

Spelling and Grammar

At best, spelling and grammar mistakes are embarrassing, but when it comes to searching for full-time jobs Surrey, these mistakes may prohibit your application from being considered for an interview – particularly if you have included ‘attention to detail’ as one of your skills. It can be harder to spot spelling and grammar mistakes in your own work, as you know what you are trying to say, meaning that your brain will fill in the blanks and often skip over things, so it is a good idea to get a friend or family member to check your CV for you.


CVs that look ‘all over the place’ in terms of formatting will mostly be seen as unprofessional and disregarded. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything fancy, just make sure that it is cohesive, legible and easy to follow. In other words, keep fonts, sizes, line heights, etc. consistent, and ensure that similar sub headings look the same; for example, if your first sub heading is bold 12pt, then all other subheadings should be the same (for example, do not let one become accidentally underlined or italicised instead). You can download many free online templates if you are struggling with this, and some word processing programmes offer their own too.

Correct Information

Whether it is your work history or contact information, this cannot be wrong. Your potential employer needs accurate information about you in order to properly process your application. Only then will they get back to you regarding interviews and possible employment. Inaccurate information about your past experience may appear deceitful, and wrong contact numbers could lead to you missing out on interviews, so check this all very carefully.

For a great selection of full-time jobs Surrey and Hampshire, be sure to visit On Track Recruitment’s job listings page, or visit us in person in our Farnham office. You can also contact us via telephone (01252 727887) or email. If you have any further questions, our team is always here to assist you.